Scenes from a TV Pilot Production

A producer emailed me through Craigslist services ad I posted. He pitched an unscripted TV pilot production and it hooked me right away. The concept was completely original and I knew I had to be involved.

Together we created a pilot episode to show investors and networks that might distribute the show. I provided my skills, experience, and training as a cinematographer, editor, and colorist in addition to camera and lighting equipment.

I used the 4K RAW recorder with my Sony FS700 for the first time. The color fidelity and overall sharpness of 4K RAW are remarkable. Best of all, Sony RAW files are smaller and process faster than RAW from RED, Arri, Canon, and Blackmagic.

The improved color fidelity allows for a very accurate and pleasing representation of skin tones. This made a big difference for Celebrity Music Kitchen because of the main cast. They have rich, complex skin tones that look outstanding when captured with a high level of detail.

The director of this show is passionate and funny, but we did not have an assistant director to keep us focused and on schedule. So one of my proudest achievements from this job was keeping us on track. We were focused and I made sure to get enough coverage so the story would cut together properly in the edit.

One reason I love video production is it requires constant problem-solving. On this show, I solved a big problem with nothing more than tape. I mounted a heavy camera to the windshield without a proper car mount. I used my knowledge of physics to skillfully apply tape in the right directions. It worked!

If you are interested in working together on a television project, or any other video production, you can contact me here.

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