A Music and Travel Marketing Mini-Documentary

I met Doug Nichols while camping in Marin County at the end of 2017. We spent several hours talking at the No Name Bar in Sausalito where Doug was playing music. At the end of the night, I revealed I’m a filmmaker. Doug mentioned he wanted to use video to promote his music. So we decided to create a music and travel marketing mini-documentary series.

Doug is a hard-working and committed singer/songwriter. He dedicated himself to his career as an airline pilot when he was 15 and continues to fly today. Now he devotes his spare time to singing and songwriting lessons, and he’s constantly practicing guitar in between.

We decided to focus on his regular hobby of traveling to a foreign country and playing in bars, cafes, and on the streets. Along the way, we talk to local musicians about the music scene and cultural history of music in their country.

We visit Iceland in this episode and showcase the beautiful scenery along with the story of how music keeps Icelanders going when the nights last nearly 24 hours during winter. While there, Doug completed the lyrics for the song he was writing.

The final video turned out great thanks to the compact yet powerful Sony a7s. I was able to fly with wide, medium, and telephoto lenses and a tripod. We also used a GoPro to get BTS shots and film in the incredibly tiny car we rented!

I learned how difficult yet rewarding it is to hike for miles with heavy camera equipment in order to get a gorgeous shot. Iceland has a lot of unbelievable scenery that makes it worth the extra effort to capture.

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