Facebook Video Ad Production

When apartment rental app Zumper needed a Facebook video ad, they contacted me for video production. Their app allows users to find an apartment, contact the landlord, and apply from within the app. We filmed on location in a city park, a busy street, and a loft condo to capture the authentic vibe of their primary market.

Sony’s a7s, with its full-frame sensor wide dynamic range, was a perfect choice. With a PIX-E5 4K recorder, it captured immense detail and rendered everything in a pleasing way. With this setup, I retained detail outside the loft’s windows while attaining proper exposure on our subjects. Our secret was augmenting the window light with wrap-around fill from a Joker 800 HMI.

Our cinematic camera moves raised production value and showed off the size of the space we were working in. We did this using a DJI Ronin and Redrock Micro wireless focus kit. This setup also allowed us to work quickly on the street and in the park.

Zumper was the perfect client. They allowed us the creative freedom to develop the creative from scratch. I worked with writer/director Joseph Matarrese to develop the treatment, scripts, and budget. They quickly approved the budget necessary to bring our vision to life. The next step was to acquire a permit, cast, and crew in San Francisco.

This was a great exercise for me as a producer because I live in Los Angeles and this was a video production in a city six hours away. I am proud of how I managed our sizeable budget and led a successful project with a lot of moving parts. We got all of our shots in a single 12-hour day while filming in three different locations in SF. Best of all, we were able to go to all three locations with camera and lighting equipment without having to drive (and thus find parking!)

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