Testimonial Video

Here are a few reviews from people I have helped:

Prashant F. – 5/5 Stars
“Michael is a very talented videographer and filmmaker – have now worked on several projects with him which have all been terrific”

Lee J. – 5/5 Stars
“Working w/Michael was a joy! He showed up on time and ready to go with ideas and the skill & equipment to implement them. He had a genuine enthusiasm for my lil project (potential youtube show). So much so that it’s motivated me to move forward with more intensity. On a personal level, Michael demonstrated compassion and understanding regarding my battle with mental illness. Rather than a hired hand who just wanted a quick paycheck, I felt like I had a long-term friend who wanted to help someone reach their dreams. I’m very grateful Michael! :)Lee”

Ralf O. – 5/5 Stars
“I was worried at first because I had not worked with Michael before. I can truly say he is great! On time, and open-minded and worked really hard. Listened to directions and was a great team player. Awesome service! Thank you!”

Joey Z.
“Michael was great. Took tons of time to talk and storyboard with me and then did a solid job of communicating.”

Kimberly G.
“Michael did an amazing job and the video is featured on our website! Would welcome the opportunity to work with Michael again.”

Devin O.
“Team was impressed with Michael’s ability to set the bar high in terms of implementing vision while also having the attention to detail and technical skills that turn that vision into reality.”

Demo Reel from Ten Years of Video Production Experience

My first paid video production job was a fundraising video for a local church in Gainesville, Florida. I was still in college and already producing content at a professional level. This demo reel showcases clips from some of my favorite projects in the last few years.

In my time as a cinematographer in Los Angeles, I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of modern camera systems. My favorite camera systems are from Sony and Arri, including the popular Alexa Mini. The demo reel includes projects shot on RED, Sony, Arri, Canon, and Blackmagic cameras.

I own a Sony FS700 with the AXS-R5 RAW recorder, which produces 12-bit 444 RAW images as beautiful as footage from an Alexa. The secret is to use a Color Space Transform in Resolve to replicate the Alexa color space and log curve. Sony’s linear RAW is also a great starting point for an ACES color-managed workflow.

I love helping other people bring their ideas to life. That is one reason why cinematography is my main focus. Being a cinematographer also speaks to my love of technology and creative problem-solving. It’s the perfect combination of art and technology. Each new production is like a puzzle that needs to be solved using camera and lighting technology.

I have also acquired the skills relevant to a number of other roles. I am able to break down a script and devise an appropriate budget. When it comes to directing talent, I work equally well with trained actors and non-actors. On set, I always focus on efficiency and make sure to get enough coverage so our footage edits together properly.

If you are interested in hiring me in any capacity, you can contact me here.

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